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Dr. Ellen Wen-Ching Ko

Dr. Ellen Wen-Ching Ko

The Asian Pacific Orthodontic Congress (APOC) is an important biennial academic event. As a member of the Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society (APOS), Taiwan is hosting this congress for the second time. It has been 26 years since the last 3rd APOC in 1998. During this period, orthodontic treatment has undergone many important developments, including the application of orthodontic implant technology (TADs), the popularization and refinement of digital 3D images, which in turn led to digital related treatments assisting in orthodontic planning, orthognathic surgery and clear aligners. Numerous academic research publications also increase the prospects and predictability of orthodontic treatment. How lucky we are to be in this era of taking-off and transformation of orthodontic practice.

  After experiencing the submersion of Covid-19, we are the first APOC completely out of the epidemic. The theme of this congress is Embrace 3C: Connection, Communication & Creation. Brace is a powerful tool for orthodontists to treat malocclusion. Through this congress platform to connect with the Asia Pacific and the world, we embrace the progress of orthodontic knowledge and constantly pursue perfection; improve the beauty of teamwork through cross-field communication and extend creative digital orthodontics that leads us to unlimited imagination of the future.

   The 2024 TAO APOC lasts for 4 days and will be held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 2. The meeting highlights list as follows:

1. The Residents’ Forum on Dec 2 will be co-organized with the 5th Asian Pacific Residents’ Forum, open to international submission of papers, to enhance research quality and treatment innovation.

2. For the 3-day congress from Dec 3 to 5, more than 40 important international and domestic professors and lecturers from the world and the Asia Pacific region will be invited to echo the theme of Embrace 3C and provide the richest and most valuable academic feast.

3. "Rising Stars of APOS" provides member states to recommend young orthodontists to give small-scale lectures. The legacy will be passed down from generation to generation and inject new blood into the orthodontic field.

4. The first domestic large-scale orthodontic materials exhibition hall, allowing attendees to participate in a world-class exhibition experience.

5. The APOC Photography Contest provides a stage to showcase the smile aesthetics and art skills.

6. Rich and diverse congress activities, including Residents’ night, Welcome party, Gala dinner, and opening and closing ceremonies, to feel the friendship in the APOS big family and the connection with the world.

   We sincerely invite you to participate this Congress, and hope you enjoy this well-planned academic conference.


Ellen Wen-Ching Ko, DDS, MS

Chair of the Congress, 2024 TAO APOC

Dr. Chen-Feng Cheng

Dr. Chen-Feng Cheng

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the Taiwan Association of Orthodontists (TAO), I would like to welcome you to the 14th Asia Pacific Orthodontic Congress, the most significant and extraordinary celebration of orthodontics in the region on Dec. 3-5, 2024 in Taipei. In the meantime, it has been pleasurable for TAO Annual Meeting to concur with APOS’s events and rolled out meetings with the deliberate theme - “Embrace 3C Connection, Communication & Creation”. We hope that all delegates from affiliate societies of APOS will reunion again in this beautiful island as the third APOC was once celebrated here in 1988. We also hope all attendees will get up-to-date professional knowledge and skills through participating various planned, delicate activities.

As a host society, Taiwan of course will show its attractive features and cultural uniqueness to the participants while they dive deeper into the island everywhere. No matter where they go in Taipei, the enchanting landscapes, rich cultural heritage, advanced technology and a melting pot of culinary delights can ensure visitors to be awarded with a rich and wonderful experience.

Therefore, I encourage all of you to attend the APOC and TAO Annual Meeting 2024 in Taipei. We believe that every attendee’s participation and support have been indispensable of contributing more insights to our specialty and making it more uplifted in the upcoming years.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Chen-Feng Cheng

TAO President 2023-2024