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Conference Venue

The 14th APOC will be held in Taipei Taiwan on Dec 2024, organized by Taiwan Association of Orthodontists. The official name of the meeting will be “2024 TAO APOC Taipei”. The meeting will combine the 14th Asian Pacific Orthodontic Congress, the 37th Annual Meeting of TAO and TAO APOC Joint Residents' Forum. It will start from the Residents' Forum on Dec 2nd (Mon) and follow 3 days of official conference from Dec 3rd to 5th (Tue to Thu), 2024.


Venue: TaiNEX 2

The venue reserves in a brand-new conference center “TaiNex 2”. It locates in the east of Taipei, Nangang district. It has geographical advantages of convenient traffic network and public transportation. The Nangang stops of Taiwan High Speed Rail and Taipei MRT are nearby. Several hotels and shopping malls will be ready by 2024. This conference center is well supported by Taiwan government and it’s ready to go. The total capacity could be 1500~2000 people.