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The 5th APOS Residents' Forum

Date: Dec. 2, 2024
Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 (TaiNEX 2)

Abstract Submission Deadline: June 30, 2024

  • Online registration must be completed before the abstract submission.
  • Changes cannot be accepted after the deadline.
  • Follow the instructions of the APOS Organizing Committee for post-review revisions.

The Resident Meeting is limited to Oral Presentation, and the official language is English. (including the Q&A section)

Type of Oral Presentation

  • Research Presentation (basic research, clinical research)
  • Case Report (case reports of academic significance)

Presenter Requirements

  • The presenters must be under orthodontic training program before December 4th, 2024
  • The first author should complete registration before abstract submission.
  • Each participant may only submit one abstract as the presenting (first) author for Oral Presentation.
  • The presentation competition is 15 minutes each, including 12 minutes of presentation, 2 minutes of Q&A, and 1 minute of transition.

Notification of Acceptance

1. Acceptance decisions

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the TAO Committee.

2. Method of notification

Notification of acceptance/rejection of abstracts will be sent via e-mail to the first author.
If you have any further questions, please contact:

Excellent Presentation Award
The Excellent Presentation Award is designed as below:

Abstract Preparation Guidelines

1. Affiliations and authors
The number of co-authors, including the presenter, should not exceed 4.

2. Number of words
(1) The title of the abstract should be within 20 words maximum, including spaces. Do not use abbreviations. A capital letter should be used only at the beginning. A period at the end is not necessary.
The main body of the abstract, in English, should contain no more than 250 words.

3. Abstract body
It is recommended that the text of the abstract be prepared using the Microsoft Word processing software and be pasted into the form using the copy-and-paste feature.

4. Download the Abstract Form
You can download the Abstract Form here.
5. Submit the completed abstract form
Be sure to use the Microsoft Word version to upload your file.

Presentation Format

  • Each presentation should be in English (The details of the presentation will be listed on accepting letter)
  • The slide format should be in Microsoft PowerPoint pptx version and 16:9 ratio. The PowerPoint file should be uploaded to the website and finalized by August. 26, 2024.
  • If you want to amend your presentation, simply upload the amended PowerPoint file by using the same user name and the topic of your presentation before the deadline.
  • Personal laptop is NOT acceptable.

2024 TAO APOC E-Poster Presentation

Date: Dec. 3-5, 2024
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 (TaiNEX 2)

Abstract Submission Deadline: June 30, 2024
Abstract Submission Procedures

1. The online registration and account application is available on the website.
Online registration (
Click here)
Abstract online submission (Please complete the congress registration first)
Submission successful
5. Abstract amendment (If you want to amend your submitted abstract, simply resubmit the new abstract by using the same username and presentation topic. However, the final revision must be submitted by
June 30, 2024.)

Abstract Submission Guidelines
The abstract form is available for download here. The abstract should be written in English and must not exceed 250 words (maximum). Use Microsoft Word to edit in English, with Times New Roman font, and the font size is 12 pt. The title should not exceed 20 words.

Content of Abstract for the e-Poster

We allow two types of e-Poster submissions: 1. Research report 2. Clinical report.
Research report
abstract should include Objective, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusion.
Clinical report
abstract should include Introduction, Diagnosis, Treatment Overview, Conclusion. Please note that only cases finished with high standards will be accepted for e-Posters.
The research clinical report should be original scientific work and must not have been submitted or published elsewhere.

Notice of Acceptance
Applicants will receive an e-mail notification of acceptance or rejection after the submitted abstract has been reviewed by the scientific committee of the Taiwan Association of Orthodontists. For further information, please contact us via e-mail:

e-Poster Preparation
e-Posters will be displayed using a 55-inch electronic display board. The presentation content should be created using Microsoft PowerPoint and saved as a PDF file. An example file of e-Poster is available for download here
After receiving the notice of acceptance, the applicants should submit the e-Poster PDF file to the 2024 TAO APOC site before Nov. 1, 2024.

Guidelines for e-Poster Presentations
1. All poster presentations must be completed in English.
2. Your poster will be displayed vertically on an electronic display board with a size of 26.5 cm (width) x 41.5 cm (height).
3. Authors’ names, affiliations, and countries should be included in the poster. The title should match the one in your abstract. ONLY the FIRST author's photo is placed in the top right corner of the poster. You may include a picture of the university logo (symbol) or your institute affiliation in the top left corner.
4. Font size requirements:

Title: not less than 25-point
Authors and affiliation: not less than 10-point
Main text: not less than 9-point
Tables and footnotes: not less than 8-point
References: 6-8 points

5. For all figures and photos, the resolution should not be less than 300 dpi. Poster content should be clear and concise with good color contrast.

6. The Content of Research report presentation should be organized in the following order: Objective, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusion.

7. The Content of Clinical report presentation should be organized in the following order: Introduction, Diagnosis, Treatment Overview, Conclusion.

8. For the clinical report presentations, please provide high-quality extra and intraoral photographs (pre- and post-treatment) as well as clear pre- and post-treatment x-rays (panoramic or cephalometric films). Please DO NOT use photographs of study models to replace intraoral photographs. Cephalometric measurements of pre- and post-treatment should also be clearly described.

9. Presenters will receive e-Poster Certifications for participating in the 2024 TAO APOC as poster presenters within 20 days after the completion of the congress.

2024 TAO APOC Photography Contest

A jury will vote on the exhibited images. 


Doctors who signed up to participate in the 2024 TAO APOC hosted by TAO are eligible to participate and be shortlisted for the contest. After winning the award, the photos will be displayed at the 2024 TAO APOC. Please submit 1 to 3 photos when submitting for the contest.
Submission due:
June 30, 2024 by 23:59 (GMT+8)  

Registration & Regulation

To complete the registration of 2024 TAO APOC first is required. Upload the contest register form and your photos (1-3 photos) as jpeg digital photographic images to the online submission. 
Once the contest photo has been submitted, all changes will not be available to make. The contest's final result will be posted on the website of the Taiwan Association of Orthodontists


The selected images will be exhibited in the 2024 TAO APOC in Taipei. The winners will receive prizes and plaques!

The winners of the 2024 TAO APOC PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST will receive the following prizes:

  • 1st prize - 1,000 USD
  • 2nd prize - 500 USD
  • 3rd prize - 300 USD

Instructions for submission
The register form is required to be completed and submitted with the works. Please compress the register form and three works into rar, zip, or 7z format for submission. DO NOT exceed 50 MB of the compressed file.

One to three photographs (in color and/or black and white) per participant can be submitted in digital form for the theme. The data must be uploaded as follows:                   

  • Data format: JPEG files in RGB
  • File size: max. 15 MB per image
  • Image resolution: 300 ppi (DPI)
  • Short page with at least 2400 pixels, long page max. 6000 pixels

All photos must be originally shot without any edits and uploaded by the competitor himself/herself and ensured each work has not been published (print publication, public exhibition, online sales gallery, other photography competition winning works).
Competitors must confirm that they are the copyright holder and fully obtain the copyright and portrait rights transfer agreements, and to keep the Taiwan Association of Orthodontists (TAO) harmless from claims. Likewise, competitors grant a free license to use the work at 2024 TAO APOC.

The winning rewards shall be subject to withholding income tax (10% for domestic citizens, 20% for foreigners) and supplementary health insurance premiums in accordance with the income tax withholding rate standards of the Income Tax Law.

ORGANIZER: Taiwan Association of Orthodontists

Contact Email: /